We are pattern seeking creatures. Sometimes you smell someone eating tamarind balls on the N25 bus and it reminds you of your grandma, or you hear some old school Omarion track you can’t remember the title of and remember your first kiss behind the recycling bins at Valentines park.

I am fascinated at how our brains loop meaning and how we as artists can illuminate that process and profundity.

Next writing workout comes from a workshop I had with a powerhouse in the poetry and music scene Roger Robinson – someone who really stepped up my own understanding of my productivity in one swift swoop! This is like 0.0001% of the 4million things I have learned from this mentor, writer, performer, comedian, musician and all round legend.

The Work Out:
I want you to choose two snapshots from your life that clash, both physically and emotionally

Set 5 minutes on a timer and write out the first image

Reset the timer and repeat for the second, pushing to bring the two together in some way

Some Prompts:
As always I like to give you a few prompts to kick you off:

Visions Video bar
Tanning in Dubai

Stroking a goat at a zoo
Making tea in kitchen with Mum

Skinny dipping in Portsmouth
Bungee jumping in Notts

Loosened was the poem that came out of me as a result of this exercise. Enjoy!

Happy Writing!!
Debris x