So about a year ago I made a 4 year plan under the instruction of Charlie Dark – what do I want to achieve and who do I want to be by the time I am 30. I wanted to post a picture of it but it coveres; dance, poetry, performance, publishing, music, self, drawing and family so there are a few quiet personal things on there I didn’t want to announce. It is colour coordinated and each point also has a timeline of achievement and immediate to do in place.

I also made a daily to do list on top of that, because in the past I have become so focused on long-term plans I stopped enjoying my life on a daily!

Daily to do:

  1. Write.
  2. Dance, Physio or Exercise.
  3. Swim or Stretch or be present – let yourself sit in joy or peace.
  4. Performance/ Vocal Practice.
  5. Have space for compassion/ time for others; a stranger or a loved one.
  6. Spontaneity – let what could be a distraction become an opportunity, what could be seen as a disturbance becomes serendipity (this means these 6 things can go out the window sometimes!)

The balance between those long-term goals and every day enjoyment is essential for me – Coming to Trinidad and Tobago has always been a dream and though I am not entirely sure about laws of attraction this is the second time I have said I WILL GO X PLACE AT X TIME and then I have been booked to go!

So this is a summery of my balancing act for my 6 out of 7 weeks here, hopefully it will inspire you to look back at what you have achieved, sit in what you are doing and/or look forward into what you are working towards.

I have:

  • Been tasted by 475 mosquitos.
  • Made a poetry/dance film at the top of IMG_0326.JPGa fire tower with the insanely talented, efficient, calm, honest (and hilarious) Pippa Riddick
  • Facilitated a week of #TalkingDoorsteps workshops culminating in a show and 17 poetry films and show in an amphitheatre in Lopinot (Cafe Mariposa) for Roundhouse, British Council and The 2 Cents Movement with support and reflective insights from Debo and Joe Hakim.
  • Written poems I thought it would take my whole life to crack into.
  • Performed to thousands of Trinbagonian (wait is that correct?) students via the PSI Caribbean across 10 schools in Trinidad.
  • Created a show in a week with Deneka Thomas, Marcus Millette, Seth Sylvester, Kyle Daniel Hernandez and Micko Burnard Logie.
  • Had countless conversations with young people who want to see real change around gender based violence and are not scared to challenge, innovate and questions.
  • Facilitated 4 out of 6 foundational training sessions for the core Artistic Force of 2cents and been pushed as a facilitator/ educator and artist.
  • Danced, spoken, opened and learned from Ariana Herbert on a daily basis – not to mention gained a new family across the world in the form of the beautiful Herberts.
  • Learned daily from the powerhouse that is Jean-Claude Cournand – reminded of the power, beauty and humility that can be contained in one human.
  • Taken about 4million selfies with students and signed a good 50 autographs (Jokes).
  • Laughed.
  • Cried.
  • Grieved for my grandmother, who passed away the first week I got here.
  • Connected with my family despite being half way across the world.
  • Celebrated my dads 60th.
  • Had a real conversation with my Mum.
  • Learned new dance moves.
  • Got the second X-ray of my life.
  • Finished a funding bid.
  • Evaluated a funding bid.
  • Started collaborations with Bridie Squires and Ash Er.
  • Curated a show for the Southbank Centre – Gyal in da Corner.
  • Felt at home with Isaiah McClean, Donald Modeste and Kars Logic.
  • Brainstormed with the powerhouse which is Marina Salandy Brown  Bocas Lit Fest.
  • Trained 5 times a week.
  • Started my Yoga practice 2-3 hours a week.
  • Stolen movement ideas from the legendary Hannah Silva.
  • Got 3 steps closer to a headstand.
  • Got my straddle splits back.IMG_0774.JPG
  • Been serenaded by a stranger with a guitar on a beach.
  • Become 80% coconut water.
  • Drawn for the first time in a year.
  • Replaced by hands with peacocks, courtesy of Thad
    dy Boom.
  • Become a paint pallet.
  • Danced on top of a cooler in a flood as the sun came up.


Lets see what this last 11 days has tIMG_0954.JPGo offer. Already planned; toe recovery (reason for x-ray), Mass with Fantasy, Jouvert with Dirty Medics, Machel
Monday, my second ever tattoo, 3 new tunes and a second draft of the Poet in da Corner Script

What intensions you setting?