(Snippets of conversation with Mouthy Poets and writers Caroline Bird & Roger Robinson at Arvon Totleigh Barton, Tuesday 8th December 2015.)

Caroline The truth is not the facts. One of the reasons I started reading poetry is because I would try and write down everything that happened in my diary then read it back and think ‘that isn’t what happened’… the facts are the least important thing in a way, sometimes it is all about the texture. Often you need to find something hyper-real to talk about how it really truly felt. Anyone that asked if it’s really true is an idiot.

Your dreams are a life experience – all the cinema behind the curtains behind your eye lids are your experience.

Roger Some things are insignificant to some people but to you they are hyper significant. You have to make decisions about art; how you are starting, what goes next, what is the form and you have to know that you are doing it.