Let the dreaming begin & continue because:

  1. When your dream tells you – YOU NEED TO WEE – it is never wrong.
  2. Being ‘A Poet’ can actually be my job, I am not sure that would be possible without dreams (read any Dr Seuss book to understand).
  3. Your brain cannot actually tell the difference between being awake and being in a dream – this is the place where it can explore, achieve and believe in the impossible.
  4. Martin Luther King Jr. was one man, conceived and born the same way as the rest of us: he lied every day, farted, got angry, ate too many hamburgers, littered… at least once or twice, I am sure? He was a human being who risked his life, happiness and family every day, for us. Maybe if we understand his humanity, we can do our parts too?
  5. I think Martin Luther King’s dream is largely responsible for what Spoken Word is today, you just need to listen to the speech to hear the reflections of its music in the US Slam Scene today. I hope poets, poetry organisations and lovers of words can continue to carry on his work: installing, distributing and sharing dreams.

Here is my small part in pushing his work forward, massive thanks to Apples and Snakes for asking me and Chris Keenan (Prime Objective Films) to do this in the first place…

(You can access the text to this film – here)

We filmed this all in a day! What do you think? 

Please let me know what you think and what impact this left on you… 


Over Toast from Prime Objective on Vimeo.

Directed by – Chris Keenan

Written by – Debris Stevenson

Mum – Debris Stevenson
Emma – Lil Woods

Director of Photography – Gary Tanner
Sound – Martin Clarke
Make UP SFX Artist – Chloe Edwards
Camera Assistant – Will Sanders
Production Assistant – Janice Feighery
Location Manager – Richard Gott
Catering & Accommodation – Sarah Woods

Special Thanks:
Wye Valley Camper Rental
Kiri Mellalieu
Joêl Daniel
Debris x