For a long time I went to workshops by writers I admired, did their exercises then left them in my note book. The day I started going home and typing them up and putting them into a draft file for projects; books, albums, radio shows – was the day my productivity quadrupled and my dialogue with my craft excelled.

This particular exercise was inspired by the amazing @deanatta (links to some of his amazing work below). Dean is always inspiring me with his honesty, work ethic, dance moves and concise and important ways to use social media, this is just the initial scene on an amazing queer workshop he gave #mouthypoets when he was an #associateartist with us. I cannot thank him enough for all the tools he gave me and the collective over that year.

The Work Out:
You have 10 minutes to write a poem inspired by the following title:
‘SOME X have X’
Some Prompts:
These are examples to get your creative juices flowing – feel free to steal mine or make one of your own!
Some Mormons have Boyfriends 
Some Christians have Qurans
Some OAPs have STDs 
Some Lesbians have Boyfriends  
Some Answers have Questions 
Some Politics have Consequences 
Some Men have no Idea
Some Anarchists have mobile phones 
Some Homophobes have Boyfriends
I’ve included my results above – Some Pansexuals have Virginities takes this exercise and turns it into something super personal to me, I hope you like it.
Happy Writing!!
Debris x
P.S. Some evidence of Dean Atta’s amazingness and wisdom can be found here, here and here.